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Episode 33 – Let’s Meet Joey

We are so excited this week to welcome the very talented musician and producer, Joey Stuckey, all the way from Macon, Georgia! Joey joins Shawn and co-hosts Nika and Ishita to tell his story of how he lost his sight and what it was like to build a career in music performance and production. We talk about accessibility in music, how COVID has affected his touring and his production methods, and much much more — including how he filmed an action packed music video for his song, “Blind Man Drivin’”! 

Watch the audio described version of the Music Video Joey mentions in the interview!
Joey Stuckey – “Blind Man Drivin'” Official Music Video (with Narration) – YouTube

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Episode 32 – Programs at Blind Beginnings

This week Shawn welcomes two of the Blind Beginnings staff to the podcast to talk about some of the different types of programs that the organization is offering in the first half of 2021. Rob Mineault, the Communication Coordinator, and Emily Burkholder, the Program and Volunteer Coordinator, join Shawn to discuss the kinds of programs Blind Beginnings has offered over the years and what lies in store over the next few months.

Episode 31 – Let’s Talk About iOS and Android

What’s the better operating system for Smartphones, iOS or Android? Whether this question brings up an instant opinion or makes you scratch your head, this show is for you! This week we are getting a little geeky as Shawn and her co-hosts Clement, Ishita, John, and Nika discuss smartphone technology and accessibility and how their own experiences shaped their respective preferences.

Episode 30 – Let’s Talk About Braille – Part 2

Not only are we excited that this is our very first episode of 2021, but we are also releasing it in honor of Louis Braille’s birthday, otherwise known as World Braille Day! Join Shawn and co-host Jinnie as they welcome Jill and Patricia to the podcast to discuss the importance of Braille Literacy as well their respective introductions to Braille and how that impacted its continued importance in their daily lives. Happy Birthday Louis!!

You can find part 1 of this extended discussion of Braille at

Episode 29 – Ask ABBY Volume 3

It’s the last episode of 2020! As we prepare to move into a new year full of hope and promise, we thought it was fitting to end with one of our favorite types of episodes — our Ask A Blind Beginnings Youth, where several of our podcasters answer questions from the public about what it’s like to be blind or partially sighted. This episode, however, is extra special — we are taking questions live from Ms. Cote’s Grade 2 / 3 class during the episode! 

A huge thank you to all our listeners and supporters of the past 28 episodes! We can’t wait to share plenty more podcast episodes in the New Year!

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