November 2020

A group of colored crayons, each color spelling out the acronym of the colors of the rainbow, which is R.O.Y.G.B.I.V

Beyond Roy G. Biv

It’s something that is most often done when we are children. We use our paint covered fingers and draw absentmindedly, make messy pictures for our parents, or take to the sidewalk with chalk. As we get older, art begins to rise in complexity. Colour blended seamlessly, intricate detail crafted with great care, impeccable creations that… Read more Beyond Roy G. Biv

Image of a Goalball player wearing a blindfold and blocking a shot by the opposing team

The Forgotten Sport

Many people may not be familiar with the Paralympic sport of Goalball, one of the only sports that was created specifically for the blind and partially sighted. In a way, it is an unsung sport that truly does not get enough exposure and, to many players and fans around the world, feels like it’s a… Read more The Forgotten Sport