January 2021

Image of the Playstation 4 controller against a white background.

Ready, Set, Game!

From nostalgic memories to amazing gaming sessions with friends, video games have a special place in the hearts of many. My first gaming experience was when I was 5 years old. My parents had bought my brother the PlayStation 2, and I wanted to try my hand at playing with him. I quickly learned that… Read more Ready, Set, Game!

NEW Blog Post – Beyond the Pencil

Pushing back against society’s assumptions about blindness can be both a challenge as well as a transformative experience, and this week’s blog post from Jinnie describes her personal experience within the Creative Writing program at her University. Check out her submission, “Beyond the Pencil“.  

Image of a sharpened pencil against a stark white background, surrounded by pencil shavings.

Beyond the Pencil

I really enjoy getting lost in the messiness of characters and their worlds. As a child I carried books where I went. This love has transferred over to writing and now I create my own characters and storylines for others to enjoy. However, I have constantly been told English isn’t an interest which will further… Read more Beyond the Pencil