August 2021

Volunteers Needed – Fundraising & Event Planning Volunteers

We are currently seeking 2-3 individuals who are interested in joining our Fundraising/Events Planning Committee. This Committee organizes a variety of Fundraising Events such as our annual Gala and Trivia Night. We are looking for candidates who enjoy teamwork and are excited to plan and execute social events, and have a desire to support young… Read more Volunteers Needed – Fundraising & Event Planning Volunteers

A collection of multicolored speech and thought bubbles collected together, representing all aspects of communication.

Communication is the Key

I never really heard about Communications until I was in High School. At that time, Communications classes were presented as alternatives to our English requirements, and were often made to be seen as the easier option for those who were considered to struggle with English. Even if I was to take a Communications class simply… Read more Communication is the Key

A variety of different Instagram icons float against a green background, representing the many different functions of the app.

Accessible Graming

Have you ever wondered how blind or partially sighted people use Instagram? This blog covers two perspectives, from both a partially sighted and blind user. As many people know, Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Especially in today’s generation, Instagram is very “in”, particularly amongst people our age. Because of this reason, many… Read more Accessible Graming