A Collection of Holiday Poems

In celebration of the Holiday season, we held a Holiday Poem Contest where we asked our members and families to submit original poems for the season. We have chosen 5 submissions and published them below.  We want to thank everyone who submitted a poem,  and to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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The Little Aspen

Little footsteps trailing behind me in the white snow
Holding my father’s hand as he softly hums carols to me
I stop, suddenly distracted by a bright yellow glow
“Why,” my father exclaims, “you’ve found a little Aspen tree!”

Freshly fallen snow dusted its pale white bark
Bright yellow leaves scattered about on the ground
I softly caress its spotted trunk covered with black marks
“It seems cold,” I say as I take off my scarf, and gently wrap it around

Each holiday season, I loved traveling to that nearby park
Climbing, playing with, and festively decorating my special friend
Hours were spent each day, only going home once it was too dark
“I’ll be back tomorrow” I truthfully promised at each day’s end

Years have now passed, and both my friend and I have grown
The tree is now a place in which my young children laugh and play
It is now a family tradition that we hold of our own
Spending each holiday season going where my special tree lay

Written by Ishita

Artist Statement
This poem describes the happy childhood memories which a person experiences involving an aspen tree. An aspen is a tree native to North America that has a white trunk spotted with black marks and very bright yellow leaves. I chose this tree because I had one in my backyard when I was growing up, and it brings back a lot of memories.

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A Christmas Scene

Pitter patter, ting ting
The snow is falling
Feels like ice so thin that when you touch it
It instantly melts
Crunch, crunch Feel it on your feet
Sounds like horses walking through thick patches of gravel and sand mixed together
As I enjoy the snow
Christmas lights glow all around
Bells ring with their cheery sound
Elves play on the streets in town
I really love this Christmas scene all around

Written by Althea

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Drip drop drip drop
When will the rain stop

The rain will stop when it turns into Snow
Happiness through the world will flow

Spending time with family
We decorate our Christmas tree

Everybody loves each other
Mother, father, sister, brother.

The end

Written by Alina

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Santa Goes By

Santa goes by on his sled but the boy is asleep on his bed.
The Santa says to his reindeer get fast and go and go they do through the
pile of big snow.
The Santa is riding the reindeers all were merry and of good cheers.
Then they reach the next house but the chimney hole was very small just
for a mouse.
Rudolph says just go through the door the Santa does how he says and does
not hesitate any more.
He tiptoes inside the house to drop his gift the boy starts to wake but
the Santa is swift.
Outside the weather is hard and cold the Santa is swift but he is old.
Santa distributes the gifts throughout the night he gets hungry so he eats
a bite.
In the morning the children wake they get ready and eat the Christmas
Then they look up and see their gifts from Santa are decorating the
Christmas tree.
Santa smiles and says to Rudolph what do you see Rudolph says Santa I see
that money is costly but joy is free.

Written by Jugaad

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Christmas is like snow and ice.
Christmas is like hot chocolate and ginger bread houses.
Christmas is like presents and ornaments on the tree.
Christmas is like a Santa hat and a Christmas sweater.
Christmas is awesome.

Written by Matt