Blind Beginnings Virtual Camp 2021 – Kids Schedule

Our Camp Kids Events are held at 9:30 AM PST – 11:30 AM PST Monday August 16th – Friday August 20th. When you register for the week’s events, you are also eligible to attend the Evening Family Fun Activities, which take place each evening at 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST.


Kids Event 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST
All Around the World Body Percussion with Daniel Duggan

A smiling man clasp his hands and jumps into the air excitedly, the words "Body Percussion" runs across the image.A FULLY INTERACTIVE journey of discovery on how to use the oldest Drum Kit in the world – Your Body! Everyone will be stomping, clapping, tapping & smiling, as they go on a rhythmic journey around the world, to discover how other countries and cultures create music just using their bodies. While learning new skills kids will learn some of the history and cultural background to Body Percussion. Through these physical fun creative workshops, everyone will use their new skills to create positive ‘Resilient Rhythms’ together.

Evening Fun for the Whole Family (whole family welcome, all ages) 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST
Disney Music Bingo with Emily
Image of Ella, from Frozen, holding a bingo card and the words "Disney Music Bingo" floating overtop of her. Musical notes and colorful card markers float in the air behind her.I hope you’re brushed up on your Disney songs because on our first night of family camp, we’re playing Disney Music Bingo! Be our guest, let it go, and be prepared to go the distance (and if you got all those references, you are totally ready to play!).  Listen for songs, mark off your favourites and get ready to yell BINGO!


Kids Events 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST
Fun with Yoga

A young girl and her mother strike up several yoga poses together, smiling and laughing as they hold the pose.On Tuesday we will be joined by Jennie Abbot from Harmony Kids Yoga! She’ll be joining us to show how mindfulness, movement, relaxation and breathing is a simple, fun part of everyday life! Get ready to move, have lots of laughs and learn a little something about yoga! This program is inspired by kids and will give us all a chance to move, dance, explore and grow! We will also be making breathing sticks which we will use throughout the morning together and is something you can take away and have forever! Come have some fun with yoga!

Evening Fun for the Whole Family 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST
Audio Described Movie Night
A table is adorned with popcorn boxes and other various snacks while a elaborate blackboard has "Movie Night" written in chalk.Grab some popcorn, hop on the couch and let’s have a camp movie night! We can’t wait to come together for an audio described movie on this warm night in August! What will the movie be, you may ask? Well you’ll have to join us to find out!


Kids Events 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST
Making Wind Chimes

Image of several very colourful homemade wind chimes, made from beads and other crafting materials.On Wednesday we’re getting crafty and making Wind Chimes! Join us with craft experts Debra and Beau where they will guide us through making some incredible audible wind chimes! For this activity, everyone will have to bring their imagination and creativity because we’re going to need it. All camp participants will be mailed a camp package and inside, you will  find all your goodies to make these wind chimes!

Evening Fun for the Whole Family 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST
CNIB Summer Talent Show
A marquee which is circled by lights and has a red stage curtain behind it reads "Talent Show".Come Join us for a classic Talent Show on Zoom! Share your talent with our camp community! Those who want to perform are to email by Wednesday August 11th and share the following:

  • What talent you will be performing live
  • Any recordings you want shared in lieu of performing live
  • A 1-2 sentence introduction of yourself for the host to share before you perform Example: “Emily has been making dinosaur sounds for the last 12 years and is so excited to share that talent with you tonight!”


Kids Events 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST
Puppet Making and Puppet Show with Ventriloquist and Puppeteer Kellie Haines

Image of Kelly Haines, a woman with shoulder length dark hair and a slight smile. On each of her hands she has some homemade puppets.Join us for a fun one-hour Virtual Workshop into the exciting world of puppetry and ventriloquism with expert Kellie Haines. A puppet can be made from almost anything. Using common household items, you are invited to create a puppet and then help your new puppet creation convey feelings through movement and sound. Kellie will share techniques that will help your puppet speak, and express itself with little to no mouth movement. Kellie’s own puppets Kamilla the frog and Magrau the bird will be there to meet you and your new puppet friends, and to do some singing and dancing. Your new puppets may even want to join in!

About Kellie Haines
Kellie Haines is a multi-talented entertainer who has mastered the art of storytelling through puppetry. Kellie combines a background in ventriloquism, music and clowning and as she explores a wide variety of topics with humour, compassion and boundless energy. Kellie’s music connects with audiences both young and old with her catchy tunes and playful puppets who also sing. From performing on stage for the first time at her school talent show to working professionally for stage and TV, including a Jim Henson TV show, Kellie never forgot what she wanted to do when she grew up!

Evening Fun for the Whole Family 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST
Game Show Night
The words "Game Show Night" are lit up by flashy bright colors.Are you smarter than a fifth grader? What is… Jeopardy? Led by some incredible youth leaders, this game show evening will feature quizzes, tests, trivia and more! Get ready for lots of laughs, a little competition and let’s learn something new!


Kids Events 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST
Clay Day!
A pair of child's hands molds a large piece of purple clay as pink and green and blue lumps of clay also sit at the ready.How many textures do you have in your house? What are your favourite things to feel? Fuzzy, furry, hard, soft, beads, butterflies, feathers and more. On our last morning of camp, we will welcome back our craft extraordinaires, Debra and Beau to lead us through a clay day! Get ready to get your hands in the clay and sculpt something beautiful. If siblings are joining for this activity, please make sure we know to include lots of materials in your camp package!

Evening Fun for the Whole Family 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM PST
Campfire Sing-A-Long
A small campfire burns brightly as a darkened line of trees extend into the distance and a bright orange sun sinks into the horizon.Join us virtually or in person for an evening we’ve all been waiting for. We look forward to welcoming our community to a campfire sing-a-long to sing all of our favourite campfire songs we’ve all been missing! This evening we will connect families all over the province. In person we will come together on Dea’s Island in Metro Vancouver. For our families who are outside the Lower Mainland or that can’t join in person, we invite you to gather by the fire with us virtually over Zoom!

Register Now!

Email Emily at to register today for the week’s worth of Kids and Family activities! Participants of the Kids events must be 12 or under (siblings 12 or under are welcome as well). The evening Events are open to the whole family and all ages.

Registration allows you to attend all the events listed.

When registering, please include the following information:

  • Name of participant
  • Siblings are welcome to join! Please provide the names and ages of any siblings that will be attending
  • A completed Photo Release Form – Word Document (alternate formats are available if needed)
  • Email address to send the Zoom Links to
  • Mailing address -we will be sending certain materials and camp goodies along to all participants!
  • Emergency Contact Number

Please note: You must be a member of Blind Beginnings in order to register and to participate in programs. Memberships are annual. You can sign up now if you are not already a member or if your membership has lapsed:

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