Blindness 101 Workshop

Visit to Urban Farm, smelling garlic
Visiting an Urban Farm in downtown Vancouver, smelling the garlic.

Blindness 101 is a workshop for organizations and individuals who are planning to work with children or youth who are blind or partially sighted, or have an interest in learning more about this population.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce individuals to the basics of blindness including:

  • The Blind Beginnings “No Limits” philosophy
  • The difference between congenital and acquired blindness
  • An introduction to Braille, assistive technology, orientation and mobility
  • The importance of exploration, discovery, and echolocation
  • Physical activity and recreation
  • Encouraging positive social interactions
  • Resources and services available to children who are blind

After participating in this course, individuals have greater confidence in interactions with children and youth who are blind or partially sighted, and will be better informed as to the resources and tools available to these children.

For more information about the workshop including the cost and how to book a Blindness 101 Workshop, please contact Shawn Marsolais at: 604-434-7243 or