Current Programs

Below is a list of all our current programs for the coming months. Please direct any questions to our Program Coordinator, Emily Burkholder:

Kids Connect Support Group | Exploring Work Wednesdays | Virtual Parent’s Night Out  | Early Beginnings Program / Adam’s Accessible Story Time / Early Beginnings | Creating Connections | Baking with Blind Beginnings | Seeing Things Differently Support Group

Kids Connect Support Group

EVERY SECOND Tuesday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST

This program is for children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 7 – 13 years

Many children across BC are missing the social connection with other kids at school and in their communities. Each Tuesday, children 7 – 13 years of age who are blind or partially sighted can connect with each other in our Blind Beginnings Zoom room. This is a place to share struggles, strategies, and successes, but also to play games, tell stories, and make new friends.

Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Exploring Work Wednesdays

November 10 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST

What kind of careers do people who are blind or partially sighted have? What are some potential career paths? What is it like for an employee who is blind or partially sighted at a workplace?

Parents quite often ask these types of questions, and uncertainty about future careers can be very stressful for both families and youth.  In order to help answer some of these questions, we are inviting parents and youth to our Blind Beginnings Zoom Room this Fall as we meet individuals who are blind or partially sighted and hear all about their own employment journeys.

Virtual Parent’s Night Out

November 4, December 2 – 7:00 pm PST

Every month at Virtual Parent’s Night Out, we offer a workshop where parents will be able to gain information and resources about a pre-determined topic. After the workshop, parents can socialize and connect to share their challenges, frustrations, worries, and strategies for coping. This group is a great place to receive invaluable information and resources as well support from other parents as well as a registered clinical counselor.

November Workshop – Teaching Independence

Parents are invited to join us on Thursday, November 4 at 7:00 pm for a workshop on teaching independence to your child who is blind.  We will be joined by Yvonne, parent to two young adult sons who are blind from birth, and Maria, mom to an almost 9-year old daughter who is blind.

Yvonne and Maria will share how they handled things like potty training and introducing new foods, as well as how they taught their children to bathe, brush teeth, dress themselves, tie shoes, feed themselves independently, etc.  Parents are invited to bring your questions; there will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

Who can attend: Blind Beginnings Parents across BC / Yukon
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Adam’s Accessible Story Time / Early Beginnings Program

November 20, December 18 at 9:30 AM PST

At 9:30 am, All Blind Beginnings children/youth and their families are invited to join the Zoom room for Adam’s Accessible Story Time! Adam will read stories, but also provide image description and explain concepts that might be new to some listeners. Following each story listeners can share their thoughts or ask questions about the story.

Blind Beginnings families are then invited to stick around after Adam’s Accessible Storytime and join us for a hands-on activity. Our November activity is making homemade Winter SnowGlobes!

For families who would like to participate in the Early Beginnings activities, you will need to register in order for us to send you an activity package in the mail which will include some of the supplies needed! Please be sure to register for the activity at least 7-10 days prior to the activity date to allow enough time for us to send you the supplies needed!

Who can attend:  Any Blind Beginnings child/youth and their families
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Creating Connections

November 26  – 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm PST

On the last Friday evening of each month youth who are blind or partially sighted 12 – 20 years are invited to connect online for Creating Connections!

This is an opportunity for youth to meet and socialize with peers who are also blind or partially sighted, and make new friends. There will be get-to-know-you games, themed activities, and of course some laughter and fun.

This program is for children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 13 – 19 years

Who can attend: Children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 12 – 20 years
When:  4th Friday of the month  7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST
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Baking With Blind Beginnings

Saturday November 6 at 10:00 AM PST

Baking with Blind Beginnings returns! We are so excited to be offering this baking We’re so excited to be bringing back this family program that became a huge success over our COVID programming! The goal of this program is to connect families, learn some new skills in the kitchen and to have fun making a new recipe!

Each month, families who register for the program receive the recipe and list of ingredients and equipment needed in advance. On the morning of the program, families join us in the Blind Beginnings Zoom Room from their kitchens across BC. Together we will each prepare and bake that day’s recipe. We will be led through the process by one of our long-time Youth Mentors Jill Sloane.

As Jill talks us through the steps to bake our delicious treats, families will follow along in their kitchens. If you are stuck, you can unmute and ask your questions. When our baking is in the oven, we can enjoy some social time together while we wait for, and then taste what we have made.

So what are we making for November? Your family is going to be VERY excited for our baking this month as we make MONSTER COOKIES! As a very wise and blue furred monster was quoted as saying, “Nom nom nom nom nom nom”.

This program is for any Blind Beginnings family across BC

Please note: This is a family program, so we would ask that each child with a visual impairment is accompanied by at least one parent or responsible adult.

Recipes will be sent on Friday, a week before the baking session to allow families time to purchase the necessary ingredients.

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Seeing Things Differently Support Group

Times may vary – on demand

Parents of children and youth who are blind or partially sighted are invited to participate in our “Seeing Things Differently” Parent Support Group. You have a child with a visual impairment which means life is now different. On top of typical parenting, you have the added challenge of learning about an unfamiliar diagnosis, trying to understand what your child can or can’t see, and juggling appointments with PT’s, OT’s, and specialists. The “Seeing Things Differently” Parent Support Group is a place to connect with other parents who have a first-hand understanding of what you are going through.

We will be offering this support group based on demand. If you are interested in attending this support group, email Shawn at

Registration Information

If you would like to attend any or all of these sessions, register by emailing Emily at:   Please provide the name of all participants, and ages of any children or youth, and the program or online event that you wish to attend.  Also include the email address we can send the Zoom link to.

All participants must be members of Blind Beginnings.  You can become a member or renew your membership at  

Barrier-Free Programming

We strive to make all our Programs barrier-free environments. If any family or individual has any sort of barrier to participation (eg. mobility, technology needs, language barriers, etc.), please contact Emily at and we will do our best to accommodate.