Current Programs

Below is a list of all our current programs for the coming months. Please direct any questions to our Program Coordinator, Emily Burkholder:

Kids Connect Support Group | Exploring Work Wednesdays | Virtual Parent’s Night Out  | Online Baby Beginnings Program / Adam’s Accessible Story Time | Creating Connections | Baking With Blind Beginnings | Seeing Things Differently Parent Support Group | Online Youth Leadership Program | Harry Potter Book Club

Kids Connect Support Group


This program is for children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 7 – 13 years

Many children across BC are missing the social connection with other kids at school and in their communities. Each Tuesday, children 7 – 13 years of age who are blind or partially sighted can connect with each other in our Blind Beginnings Zoom room. This is a place to share struggles, strategies, and successes, but also to play games, tell stories, and make new friends.
When: Every second Tuesday starting Jan 5  at 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm PST
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Exploring Work Wednesdays

Second Wednesday Of The Month 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST

Due to popular demand, we’ve extended this program and included it in our Winter Programming!

What kind of careers do people who are blind or partially sighted have? What are some potential career paths? What is it like for an employee who is blind or partially sighted at a workplace?

Parents quite often ask these types of questions, and uncertainty about future careers can be very stressful for both families and youth.  In order to help answer some of these questions, we are inviting parents and youth to our Blind Beginnings Zoom Room this Fall as we meet individuals who are blind or partially sighted and hear all about their own employment journeys.

Each session will consist of two guest speakers who will tell us about how they chose their career, what training, education, and accommodations may have been required for their job, and any challenges they may have had to overcome.  

Our goal is to not only inform but also to inspire youth that may feel unsure of what kind of jobs may await them as they enter the workforce.

Who We Will Meet:

Wednesday April 14, 2021
Wednesday May 12, 2021
Wednesday June 9, 2021

When: April 14, May 12, and June 9  – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Virtual Parent’s Night Out

EVERY OTHER Thursday Starting Jan 7, 2021 – 7:00 pm PST

Parents are invited to connect online, without your children, to share your challenges, frustrations, worries, and strategies for coping. Some of you aren’t seeing all the professionals who normally come into your home to work with your child, some of you are juggling home-schooling and working from home, some of you may have lost your jobs. Whatever your situation, this group is a place to receive support from other parents as well as a registered clinical counselor.

This winter we are adding something new to our Virtual Parent’s Night Out. In addition to offering this chance to drop-in and network with other parents of blind or partially sighted children, we will also be offering a workshop format once a month where parents will be able to gain information and resources about a pre-determined topic.

A registered clinical counselor will connect with parents to make introductions, answer questions, and offer support.

Previous workshop topics have included: Preparing for Kindergarten, the Role of the Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Advocacy.

The topic for the April 15th Workshop will be Coping With Virus Fatigue.

Just like plants need sunlight, water, and attention to thrive, humans also have conditions beyond the obvious food, water, and shelter, that we need to thrive. Join Registered Clinical Counsellor Shawn Marsolais on Thursday evening and find out what these conditions are.

When you consider the needs that are not being met for you and for your child, it can help to explain some of the reactions or feelings you and your children have been experiencing. Together we will brainstorm some creative ways to get some of these needs met despite the restrictions. Many of us have been waiting for COVID to end so we can start living again. Let’s find some ways to start living again now, restrictions and all.

May 13th and June 10th workshop evening topics are to be determined.

Who can attend: Blind Beginnings Parents across BC / Yukon
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
When: every other Thursday starting January 7, 2021 at 7:00 pm PST
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Online Baby Beginnings Program / Adam’s Accessible Story Time

Every Second Saturday Starting Jan 16 – 9:00 am – 11:00 am PST

Our Online Baby Beginnings Program takes place every other Saturday in partnership with Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada BC, and is a bi-monthly drop-in group.

And now, once a month at 10 am PST we will be offering a new hands-on accessible activity that is designed for the entire family to participate in!

9:00 AM PST – Consultation
We start with a consultation with Margaret Hanke, an Early Child Vision Specialist from Vision Loss Rehabilitation BC. This is a chance for parents to ask specific questions about their child’s vision and/or development, and to connect with each other.

9:30 AM PST – Adam’s Accessible Story Time
All Blind Beginnings children/youth and their families are invited to join the Zoom room for Adam’s Accessible Story Time! Adam will read stories, but also provide image descriptions and explain concepts that might be new to some listeners. Following each story listeners can share their thoughts or ask questions about the story.

*NEW* 10:00 AM PST – Activity (taking place April 10, May 8th, June 5th)
Blind Beginnings families are then invited to stick around after Adam’s Accessible Storytime and join us for a hands-on activity. A Vision Specialist from Vision Loss Rehabilitation BC will lead us through these pre-school friendly activities once a month.

Families are welcome to join for one, two or all three of these activities!

For families who would like to participate in the new activities, you will need to register in order for us to send you an activity package in the mail which will include some of the supplies needed! Please be sure to register for the activity at least 7-10 days prior to the activity date to allow enough time for us to send you the supplies needed!

Our first activity will take place on Saturday April 10 at approximately 10:00 am PST, immediately after Adam’s stories! It’s Spring, so we are celebrating its arrival by planting seeds in this first of a series of activities!

The next activities will take place on May 8th and June 5th, with the activities to be determined.

Who can attend:
From 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM PST – Parents/Caregivers of children birth to 5 years of age
From 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM PST – Any Blind Beginnings child/youth and their families
When: Every other Saturday starting January 16, 2021
Where: The Blind Beginnings Zoom Room
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Creating Connections

4TH Friday of the Month Starting Jan 22 – 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm PST

This program is for children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 12 – 20 years

On the last Friday evening of each month youth who are blind or partially sighted 12 – 20 years are invited to connect online for Creating Connections!

This is an opportunity for youth to meet and socialize with peers who are also blind or partially sighted, and make new friends. There will be get-to-know-you games, themed activities, and of course some laughter and fun.

Who can attend: Children & youth who are blind or partially sighted 12 – 20 years
When:  4th Friday of the month  7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST
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Baking With Blind Beginnings

4th Saturday of the Month 10:15 AM PST

After the great success and enthusiastic reception of Baking with Blind Beginnings during the Fall, we have decided to include it into our Winter Programs as well!

One of our first Blind Beginnings programs ever offered was our Family Community Discovery program where BC’s children and youth who are blind or partially sighted and their families attended a range of outings in the community to learn new concepts through hands on experiential learning.
The purpose of this program is twofold: 1) offer opportunities to children and youth who are blind or partially sighted to learn about their community and concepts at their own pace, and 2) offer families to spend leisure time together while meeting other families who form part of their network of support.

Each month, families who register for this program will receive the recipe and list of ingredients and equipment needed in advance. On the morning of the program, families will join us in the Blind Beginnings Zoom Room from their kitchens across BC. Together we will each prepare and bake that day’s recipe. We will be led through the process by one of our long-time Youth Mentors Jill Sloane. If you attended our online Independent Living Skills Workshop this summer, you know how competent and capable Jill is.

Jill grew up with a visual impairment, but lost her remaining sight at age 15, and had to learn how to do everything all over again. She now lives independently, a plane ride away from her family, and has direct experience on how vital these skills are, as she tells us:

“I always had plans to move to Vancouver and attend university, and without these life skills there’s no way that would have happened. In my opinion, life skills are one of the main things needed to become independent, and they are a great way of showing family and friends that you are capable and can do anything you put your mind to! I was so grateful to have the instructor I did teach me all of these things, and I am so excited to be able to lead the Baking with Blind Beginnings program.”

As Jill talks us through the steps to bake our delicious treats, families will follow along in their kitchens. If you are stuck, you can unmute and ask your questions. When our baking is in the oven, we can enjoy some social time together while we wait for, and then taste what we have made.

So what are we making? Prepare your sweet tooth, we’ve come up with a list of recipes that will be sure to please everyone in your household!

Next Session:
April 24
– Carrot Cake!

Who can attend: Any Blind Beginnings family across BC
Please note: This is a family program, so we would ask that each child with a visual impairment is accompanied by at least one parent or responsible adult.

Recipes will be sent on the Friday, a week before the baking session to allow families time to purchase the necessary ingredients. If you know now that you wish to register for all 3 sessions, please include that information when you register.
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Seeing Things Differently Parents Support Group

March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, and April 6, from 7:30 – 9:00 PM PST

This program is for parents who are raising a child who is blind or partially sighted in BC/Yukon

You have a child with a visual impairment which means life is now different.  On top of typical parenting, you have the added challenge of learning about an unfamiliar diagnosis, trying to understand what your child can or can’t see, and juggling appointments with PT’s, OT’s, and specialists.

If you are like most parents of a child who is blind or partially sighted, you had not met anybody who was blind before your child was diagnosed.  The Seeing Things Differently Parent Support Group is a place to connect with other parents who have a first-hand understanding of what you are going through.

When: The group will begin on Tuesday March 2, 2021 and will run for six consecutive Tuesday evenings until April 6 – March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, and April 6, from 7:30 – 9:00 PM
Please mark these dates on your calendar. We ask that you commit to attending all 6 sessions
Who: Parents who are raising a child who is blind or partially sighted in BC/Yukon

Group Facilitators:
The group will be facilitated by Shawn Marsolais and Jan Hart; both are registered counsellors and parents.

Shawn Marsolais is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has been working with children & youth who are blind or partially sighted for over twenty years.  She completed her Masters of Education in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling in 2012, and has been offering individual counselling and facilitating Parent Support Groups through Blind Beginnings since then.  Shawn was born with a degenerative eye-condition that caused her vision to deteriorate throughout her childhood.  She understands firsthand the challenges families face when coming to terms with a permanent diagnosis.  Shawn also works part-time doing individual counselling in private practice through Denis Boyd & Associates in Coquitlam.

Jan Hart is a Registered Professional Counsellor with 6 years’ experience running her own counselling practice. She sees both individuals and families, has run counselling groups for children with anxiety as well as parent support evenings. She was a public School teacher for twenty years working mainly with elementary age students and also taught art in high school.  One of Jan’s motivations for becoming a counsellor was to assist others in the challenges of parenting

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Online Youth Leadership Program

April 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13 from 4:00 – 5:30 PM PST

This program is for BC youth who are blind or partially sighted 13 – 19 years

For over ten years, Blind Beginnings has hosted a Youth Leadership Weekend each Spring for teens who are blind or partially sighted. Historically, it has drawn youth 13 – 19 years of age from all across BC to participate in a series of sessions and activities that are designed to build confidence and employment skills in order to prepare them for their future transition to work and adult life.

In 2020 our in-person training weekend had to be cancelled because of COVID-19. Instead we offered a 6-week online training program which was also very successful.

We are excited to offer this training again in 2021. The sessions will run on six consecutive Thursdays starting on April 8. Each session will focus on a different leadership skill and in order to graduate as a Youth Leader, (which enables the youth to start volunteering on our youth led projects) participants will need to participate in all six sessions.

The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 – April 8 – Introductions/Team Building/What makes a good leader

Session 2 –April 15 – Communication: Empathy & Active Listening

Session 3 –April 22 – Self-advocacy: How to Ask for What You Need

Session 4 –April 29 – Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Session 5 –May 6 – Professionalism & Attitude

Session 6 –May 13 – Benefits of Volunteering and Youth Leader Opportunities Within Blind Beginnings

The objective of this program is to provide youth with transferable skills and volunteer experience that will assist them in their future employment pursuits.

Once trained, Youth Leaders will be ready to volunteer in several capacities including:

  • Being a mentor and resource to younger children who are blind or parents raising a child that is blind
  • Providing awareness presentations in their communities
  • Contributing to our Limitless Podcast and/or Blog
  • Assisting in the planning of group projects, fundraisers, and special events

Deadline to register is April 5, 2021

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Harry Potter Book Club

WEDNESDAYS from 4:00 – 5:30 PM PST Starting March 3rd


Just like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, the Blind Beginnings Harry Potter Book Club has returned! However, our plan isn’t a nefarious one that involves the vaporizing of a certain young wizard — we just want to have fun reading the next book in the epic J.K. Rowling series!

All Blind Beginnings children and youth are invited to join us as we convert the Blind Beginnings Zoom Room into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and spend some time reading our way through Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Starting on March 3rd, and running every Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:30-pm PST, we’ll listen to some Blind Beginnings Youth Mentors read a couple of chapters.

If you have a copy of the book, you are welcome to read along. If you don’t have your own copy, and you’d like one, we’ll do our best to find you one. Wands and robes are optional.

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Registration Information

If you would like to attend any or all of these sessions, register by emailing Emily at:   Please provide the name of all participants, and ages of any children or youth, and the program or online event that you wish to attend.  Also include the email address we can send the Zoom link to.

All participants must be members of Blind Beginnings.  You can become a member or renew your membership at