Blind Beginnings Calendar

Early Beginnings

December 17, 2022

Making Raised Lines for Tracking & Tracing
This month’s Early Beginning session builds on tracking and tracing skills identified in the Braille Literacy Canada and Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired initiative, Braille Bites,

Our program will start with warming up the hands and fingers and then introduce “structured” tracking and tracing skills, (top to bottom, left to right, use of both hands). We will use the tracing wheels to make up raised line dots that can tracked and traced over with fingers and/or a crayon.

At 10am the program will switch to the fabulous, Adam’s Accessible Storytime. Adam will read illustrated stories along the theme of tracking and tracing with descriptions of pictures and learning about concepts (word meanings).

Please register by Tuesday, December 6th so that we can send out a package that includes a tracing wheel and heavier weight braille or cardstock paper. You will need a placemat or soft service board and crayons to make and trace over the raised dot patterns.

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