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Virtual Parent's Night - Preparing your child for Preschool or Daycare

February 16, 2023

Our presenter is Blind Beginnings staff member Bruce Taylor, who has years of experience working with families and daycare-preschool staff in supporting placements for a wide range of toddlers/preschoolers who are blind or have partial sight.

Bruce will share ideas and information that include:

  • orientation to the setting,
  • materials and activities;
  • strategies for making story time come alive;
  • importance of knowing your child’s vision diagnosis and functional implications
  • simple ways to optimize your child’s participation and learning i.e. the “Clean Up” song works well at home and preschool.

Note: there will also be time to socialize with each other following the facilitated discussion.

Feel free to list a question(s) or topic area that you would like to have discussed relating to preparing for and/or placement in a Daycare or Preschool when you register!

To register email Shawn Marsolais

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