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February 18, 2023

February Activity - Fabric Mix and Match

Continuing with our program partners, Braille Literacy Canada and the Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired, this month’s activity will encourage sensory discrimination (partial sight, touch, weight) to identify different fabric swatches.   We can stack, lay out and take fabric pieces in and out of the organizer.   Fabrics can be matched and compared to same or different textures.   Fabric pieces can be matched and compared to clothing, drapery, bedding, cloth toys and other objects in the house (shoes, wash cloth…).  Heading out to explore and score a bag of fabric swatches from the local Fabric Store can be a great rainy day, hands-on activity.

Our program will include families exploring the fabric swatch organizers, and an opportunity for show-and-tell with families showing and telling us about a favourite material or textured item of their child.

As always, the Early Beginnings session will include Adam’s Accessible Story-time!  Adam will be reading illustrated stories along the themes of identifying, discriminating and sorting materials, while providing a description of the pictures and teaching us about concepts-word meanings.

Please register by Wednesday, February 15th, so we can make sure that you are the list to receive the program Zoom link.

To register email Keisha Anderson

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