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Youth Virtual Support Group

January 26, 2023

Blind Beginnings is excited to be offering a monthly drop-in virtual Youth Support Group this year!

Being the only blind or partially sighted youth in your school or community can be tough.  You want to be liked and accepted by your sighted peers, but you are not sure how to connect with them when they seem to focus on your differences. So much of your time and energy is spent learning additional blindness-related skills and advocating for your needs, which leaves less time for just being a teen.

The Blind Beginnings Drop-in Youth Support Group is a place where you can connect with other teens who are blind or partially sighted in a safe and comfortable space to talk about topics like:

  • What it’s like to be the only student with a visual impairment in your school
  • How scary it can feel to practice independence
  • How frustrating it is when your parents are over protective
  • How challenging it can be to make friends when people don’t understand your disability
  • Worries about what you will do for a job when you grow up
  • How exhausting advocating for your needs can be

We know that when you connect with a community of peers who understand, you no longer feel alone.

What to expect during the group
Each month we’ll begin with introductions and a check-in on how we are feeling.  Next we’ll ask if anybody has a topic or challenge they would like to talk about that day.  In addition to talking through our challenges, we’ll also practice some coping strategies including mindfulness, breathing exercises, noticing and naming our feelings, and self-compassion.  We’ll finish each session with a Check-Out and a homework suggestion.

Group Facilitators:
The group will be facilitated by Registered Clinical Counsellor Shawn Marsolais and our Youth Program Coordinator Dougie Dow.

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