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June 17, 2023

June Activity
Reducing Eye Pressing - Discussion and Ideas

Before we break for the summer, this month’s Early Beginnings session will talk about Eye Pressing – a habit, and like many habits it may take intervention to reduce- modify- or break.

As parents/caregivers you may have been told that there is risk for infection, corneal scarring and/or sunken orbits if your child develops a habit of eye pressing.  Yikes- why might your child be pressing his/her eye and what can you do about it?

With resource support from Johanna Kidd, Occupational Therapist specializing in Sensory Integration, we will investigate this topic

Points of Discussion:

  • What is Eye Pressing?
  • What's in it for kids who press?
  • Ideas and Discussion of Intervention topics
    • large muscle and resistance activities
    • use of fidgets
    • re-direct energy into a hand squeeze, or muscle group pull/push
    • use of a verbal cue(s)
    • using a touch cue and/or paired with a verbal cue
    • wearing glasses and/or a visor hat
    • use of mittens or hand socks
And of course, no Early Beginnings session would be complete without Adam’s Accessible Story-time!  Adam will be reading illustrated stories about Habits, while providing a description of the pictures and helping to learn word meanings.

Please Note: Due to Father’s Day, this Zoom session will be happening on Saturday, June 17th.

Please register by Wednesday, June 14th, so we can make sure that you are the list to receive the program Zoom link.

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