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Discover PaddleBoarding - Kamloops Community Discovery

May 24, 2023

Saturday June 24th 2023  10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST
Heffley Lake | Kamloops 

Come beat the heat!
Summer is well on its way and as the weather gets warmer, you might find lake days on your mind! If that's the case, come cool down by the water and join us for this exciting Community Discovery where we will try some stand up Paddle Boarding!

We have partnered with Paddle Surfit at Heffley Lake, and are able to offer this a fun summer sport with instruction from a certified paddleboard instructor. The session will last two hours and be followed buy a picnic lunch on the beach. Make sure to pack your hats and sunscreen!

Blind Beginnings will be covering the cost for the event, however due to amount of space available, we are asking that only one additional family member register with their blind or partially sighted child or teen at this time. We will let you know if more space comes available closer to the date.

Registration deadline: Friday June 16 by noon.

To register email Keisha Anderson

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