Giving Tuesday Now ~ May 5 2020

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Thank you for supporting Blind Beginnings! Our #GivingTuesdayNow goal is $2000!

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Blind Beginnings has been working hard during COVID-19 to connect and support youth who are blind or partially sighted through these stressful and uncertain times. This is a time when social distancing restrictions can cause youth to feel even more disconnected from friends and their support communities. Our new programs are designed to counter these feelings of isolation by running regularly scheduled events online that bring them together to socialize, engage their imaginations, encourage regular exercise, and discuss a wide variety of mentoring and support topics which help improve their confidence and skills.

Our team has been evolving our programs during this time of social distancing and has created a series of online programs that currently run 6 days out of the week and provide opportunities for youth that are blind or partially sighted from all over BC to participate and connect remotely. These include:

  • Meet a Mentor Mondays
  • Seeing Things Differently Youth Support Groups
  • What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up Wednesdays
  • It’s Accessible Story Time
  • Virtual Parent’s Night Out
  • Fitness Fridays
  • Baby Beginnings Online

The response to these programs have been very positive. We asked some of the youth that have been participating in our online programs to share what these new online programs have meant to them.

Bullet Point Butterfly Graphic“I have enjoyed the Zoom programs in keeping my mental health well-balanced. I have found being isolated incredibly lonely, especially since I live outside of the Lower Mainland, so being able to participate from afar has allowed me to take part. The Blind beginnings’ programs such as Fitness Fridays and the Tuesdays’ support group has been essential for me in these crazy and changing times.” – Kolby

Bullet Point Butterfly Graphic“I am very much enjoying the online activities! Not only are they interesting and engaging during these uncertain but historical times, but they are helping the organization grow. We are providing programs in an accessible format for all, prompting us to reach children and their families from all over the province, which has been a goal of the organization. Although this situation has isolated us, it has connected us with those we otherwise would not have interacted with!” – Jinnie

Bullet Point Butterfly Graphic“I would just like to add that the online programs have been very helpful to keep me motivated, and gives me a great way to connect with friends and fellow volunteers. I especially enjoy the Friday Fitness, and Support Groups. It might be worth while to keep these online programs going after the virus is over.” – Jill

Bullet Point Butterfly Graphic“The online sessions have been great. It’s been very helpful to stay connected with everyone, even if only virtually. Wonderful to see all the online programs that’ve been prepared for this time and I’m sure many people are getting encouraged by these just as much as I am!” – Clement

Bullet Point Butterfly Graphic“I had the opportunity to be invited to be one of the featured youth for the Meet a Youth Monday series. I enjoyed being able to share my experiences with things like university, jobs, fitness, theatre, and travel in a way that would hopefully be able to offer some answers to other visually impaired and blind children and youth, and to maybe provide some inspiration and remind people that they are capable of a lot. I want people to remember that they can overcome these challenges of navigating the world as a VI person, and not just overcome, but thrive and keep their spirit of adventure. I also just want others to know that they are not alone and that there are others like them working through and overcoming similar challenges. I think this is a great program and I am excited to listen to the stories and messages of the other featured youth.” – Keisha

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Donate now to help us keep connecting and supporting BC youth that are blind or partially sighted through this period of COVID-19. Your donations will go towards helping us to maintain and evolve these online programs. Together we will get through this!

Thank you for your support!