Join us for Alice in Wonderland – July 14th!

Do you love a great story full of adventure? Bad Hats Theatre’s contemporary spin on Wonderland takes us down the rabbit hole with Alice, a girl with a lot of questions. Get ‘curiouser and curiouser’ this spring with a musical retelling of the classic tale that has captured imaginations for generations.

VocalEye LogoCome join us on Wednesday, July 14 at 6:30 PM PST for a virtual production of Alice in Wonderland. This virtual play is performed by live actors and described by VocalEYE.

Alice finds herself unable to finish a school assignment because she still has so many questions that need to be answered. Sent to the corner of the class to help her focus, Alice is drawn to look out the window where she sees a Rabbit who seems to be in a terrible hurry. Alice pursues the Rabbit and finds herself falling, falling, falling down a Rabbit Hole, and landing in Wonderland. There Alice meets many wondrous creatures and learns she must reach the Eighth Square to become a Queen. Wanting this very much, Alice begins her journey in Square One and travels to each Square in sequence to eventually reach the Eighth. Along the way, Alice discovers truths about herself, which help her when she returns to the Real World.

It’s a timeless tale that’s perfect for these pandemic times, no matter what your age!

When: Wednesday, July 14 from 6:30 PM PST to 8 PM PST
Where: Join us from the comfort of your own home.
Who:  Any Blind Beginnings Members

The VocalEye virtual lobby opens at 6:30 pm Pacific Time for some socializing and community updates with host Amy Amantea. The pre-show introduction will begin at 6:45 pm with Amy and Eileen. The show begins at 7 pm with a running time of approximately 90 minutes, followed by conversation, Q and A and a prize draw.


If you’d like to attend please register by emailing no later than July 13.
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