Limitless Blind Beginnings Podcast is here!

It’s arrived at last! Episode 1 is now available!

Limitless Blind Beginnings Podcast Logo

We are so excited to be able to release the first episode of our Limitless Blind Beginnings Podcast! The podcast project has been a long time in the works, and during that process we’ve learned a lot about the challenges and hurdles in producing a regularly scheduled podcast. Thanks to the commitment and  hard work of all involved, we are not only thrilled with how the first episode turned out, but we can hardly wait to release more episodes in the coming weeks and months.

On our inaugural  episode, host Shawn Marsolais teams up with a bevy of youth co-hosts which include Randi, Owen, Clement, Kolby, and Mika and they discuss their vision, how they hope that the podcast can be used to empower and inform others, and what future episodes may contain.

You can listen to the first episode (all all subsequent episodes) on our Podcast page, located at  You can also find us on Spotify as well as on iTunes or by searching for us in your favorite podcast app!