May Virtual Community Discovery Outing

Blind Beginnings families from across BC are invited to our May Virtual Community Discovery outing to a nature trail or park near you! 

Even though we can’t come together in-person yet, Blind Beginnings is committed to offering virtual opportunities for children and youth who are blind or partially sighted and their families to continue to do Community Discovery outings, and then to connect online to share about their experience!

On May 30th, we invite families from across BC to do a family hike and sensory scavenger hunt! It’s an opportunity to get some fresh air, exercise and a much needed nature break for the whole family. We are challenging families from all across BC to venture out to their local trail or park on Saturday May 30th. While you are on your hike, you can make it more interesting by using all your senses to find the following:

  • Something that feels scratchy
  • Something that feels hard
  • Something that feels soft
  • Something that feels cold
  • Something that feels warm
  • Something that sounds loud
  • Something that sounds musical
  • Something that sounds quiet
  • Something that smells nice

We’d love to know who is participating, and to collect photos from this outing to share on social media, so we invite you to pick your families’ favorite spot on the hike, and take a photo and email it to us. You can submit your photo to Carrie at!  Please include the name of the place you went to hike.

We know that one of the best components of our Family Community Discovery program is the opportunity to meet other families, so we are also including an option to connect online through Zoom on Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm to tell us about your hike!  Where did your family go?  Were you able to find all the items on the sensory scavenger hunt list?  What were they?  Are they the same items that other families found on their hikes?

When: Saturday May 30th

Time: 3:00pm to connect online – make sure you do your hike sometime before 3:00!

Where: From your computer or smart phone – choose a hike in your community, that will be enjoyable for your family

How this works: The group will meet in a private online Zoom meeting room. When you RSVP to say that you plan to attend online, you will be sent instructions to join the Zoom meeting. You can use Zoom with your computer, or smart phone, and once connected you will be able to communicate with all the other families with video and audio.

To register:
If you would like to register for this outing, please send an email to Carrie at:, so we can send you the Zoom link. Please include:

  • the names of the family members participating
  • An e-mail address to send the reminders for the meeting and the link to join the meetings online

We’re looking forward to virtually discovering nature with you and your family on May 30th!