My Dark Table Experience

In December I went to the Dark Table Restaurant with a grade 11 Co-Op class from my school and I would like to talk about my experience and what I liked about the restaurant. I really enjoyed going to a restaurant that is completely dark, because it gives sighted people the experience of how it feels to be blind.

The waiters and waitresses at the restaurant are all blind or visually impaired. When a sighted person goes into the restaurant they have to figure out how to eat their food in the dark, without using any light. This also allows them to be able to use their sense of taste more, because they can see their food when there is light, and now need to figure out what they are eating without looking at their food. The staff that work their are really nice, and polite, and the food was amazing.

I had an amazing time, showing my peers how it feels to be blind, because it raises awareness for blindness. It also gives the sighted person a new experience, and a new feeling, of how their classmate navigates their life as a blind person.

One of my favourite highlight stories from the experience was when my teacher didn’t know that his appetizer had arrived, and he found it later, just before we were getting ready to leave. Another funny moment was when we were eating our desserts someone accidently turned on their phone light, and everyone started to scream when they figured out that they were sitting in the dark. This was truly an amazing experience, and I encourage you to go if you want to get a new perspective of how it feels to be blind.

by Leena