My Experience in Math 8

Math is an academic subject that is challenging for blind and visually impaired people as it is mostly visual. I will be talking about some of my challenges and alternatives that my teacher provided me with to overcome my challenges in Math 8.

The first challenge that I had in Math 8 was figuring out how a fraction would look like, in real life. However, my teacher gave me support by explaining the fraction/picture, for me so that it was easier to visualize. I followed along with the class using my textbook that had textured pictures of the same fractions that we were looking in class.

Another challenge that I had was in integers and how to represent an integer chip diagram. So, as an alternative, my teacher gave me Bingo chips to represent the integer chip diagrams. One side had tape on it, which was the negative side, and the other side that didn’t have tape which was the positive side.

Linear equations also proved to be challenging for me. I found that representing linear equations using algebra tiles was difficult, as the algebra tiles were visual. So my teacher worked with me one on one, and I had to describe what he should write.

Surface area and volume was another unit that needed some adaptations. This unit was very difficult for me because we had to draw diagrams or pictures to represent our thinking process when solving problems. As an adaptation, my teacher gave me nets, to help me figure out the problems. Nets are shapes that can be folded into boxes, and unfolded, so that you can feel each side of the shape. This way, me and my teacher worked one on one, solving the questions, using the nets.

All in all, the alternatives and adaptations that my teacher provided me with were very helpful in helping me overcome my challenges in Math 8.

By Leena