My Halloween Achievement

Walking down the street on top of leaves, with the wind whistling in your ears, and the smell of fall in the air. A chilly mist in the air, and the prospect of candy. Knocking on a house door filled with excitement. Surprising someone with your costume and the anticipation of candy. These are just some memories I have of Halloween.

Many people believe that visually impaired people don’t celebrate Halloween. This is because they think, that if you can’t see the colours of a costume, you can’t feel the spirit of the event. I am visually impaired, and I clearly remember the first time I went trick-or-treating. I was 11, at the perfect accepted age of trick-or-treating. I knocked on the door, filled with anticipation. it opened. “Happy Halloween”, I said. The person who opened the door laughed and I was presented with my first ever trick-or-treating candy. It was almost like an achievement. My first Halloween candy, not what people think of as an achievement, but certainly felt like it to me.

I knocked on other doors, and gained more candy. I couldn’t see the colours of other peoples costumes, but I could hear their enthusiasm, and their Halloween spirit. I remembered eating the candy, and it somehow felt even more sweeter after the long trick and treating session. I could not distinguish between Halloween costumes by vision, but I knew the taste of candy after trick-or-treating, and the feeling in the air, and the enthusiasm of Halloween.

by Jugaad