National Volunteer Week 2020

A National Volunteer Week 2020 graphic with an audience applauding and the caption "TO our valued volunteers, for everything you do, we applaud you. National Volunteer Week 2020"

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we would like to take this time to stand up and applaud our volunteers and the integral roles they fill on the Blind Beginnings team. Simply put, Blind Beginnings could not provide the services, support or events without the tireless work that our volunteers do.

Including our Youth Leaders, we were privileged to have 67 volunteers over the past 12 months that have put in an incredible 1909 volunteer hours so far! This again goes to show you just how much time they collectively donate and how critical their help is for us to run events and provide services to families all over the Province.

Our volunteers play key roles in many events throughout the course of the year including our Holiday Party, Gala, and Trivia Night. But they also serve integral roles in our ongoing programs as well, such as Early Intervention Family Retreats, Creating Confidence, Youth Leadership, Summer Camps and much more!

Their hard work in supporting our events and programs has made the past year a successful one. Whether it was reaching out for donations, fundraising, event preparation, childcare, program planning or giving hands-on support on the day, our Volunteer Team made a huge difference. Not only do they help with the logistics of running any given event, but they assist us with our overall goal of offering more programs that benefit children and youth who are blind or partially sighted and their families. Their commitment, along with a variety of personal attributes and strengths, is appreciated by staff, other volunteers, and our members and their families.

We are adding our voices to the many organizations that have stood up and applauded all the amazingly hard work that was put in this past year by volunteers all over the country, we would especially like to thank our own Volunteer Team for putting in so much hard work.

Thank you!