Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire children and youth who are blind or partially sighted and their families, providing diverse programs, experiences, counselling and peer support, and opportunities for them to create fulfilling lives.

Image montage of several pictures including a group of young girls who are blind waiting at a bus stop with their white mobility canes, a group of families posing for a picture and smiling, and a youth on skis and winter apparel posing at the top of a ski hill with a sighted guide.

Our Vision

Our vision includes a world where seeing things differently inspires limitless possibilities.

A montage of photos including a group of blind and partially sighted youth at the top of the Deep Cove hiking trail, a young girl who is partially sighted making a clay craft, and a Mother playing with her baby who is blind on the floor on top of a blanket.

Our Values

At Blind Beginnings, we strive to uphold the following set of values:

  • Build a diverse and inclusive community
  • Value and respect all abilities
  • Lead by example
  • Empower through growth and learning
  • Challenge the limits of possibility
  • Adapt and persevere

Collection of images that include two girls who are blind sitting together and smiling for the camera, a group of youth in blue Blind Beginnings t-shirts posing for a group photo, and a young girl who is partially sighted working carefully on painting a clay figure.