Pottery for Sale

We are selling some pottery – available for pick-up at our office (227 6th Street, New Westminster, BC) on weekdays from 9:00am – 4:00pm by appointment.

Over the years a very generous artist, Vic Harrison, has donated his beautiful pottery to our annual Gala fundraiser. We would like to see these leftover pieces find a loving home. If you are interested in anything, please email Aman at aman@blindbeginnings.ca to arrange a time to come collect it.

Click here to read an article about Victor Harrison.

Each piece was hand-crafted by Vic Harrison in his West Vancouver home studio. Prices are listed with the photos.

Rounded-corners dish – $15.00
Small plate with .5 inch high sides – $13.00
Larger 1.5 inch deep dish – $20.00
Funnel-shaped bowl – $10.00
Small bowl with spout – $10.00
One-inch deep plate – $20.00
Small bowl – could be used for change, keys, serving nuts/candies – $10.00
Larger 1.5 inch deep dish – $20.00
Wide-rimmed, narrow bottomed bowl – $15.00
One-foot tall flower vase – $45.00
Square-shaped bowl – $13.00
Soup bowl – $10.00
Sugar dish – $8.00
Four sided deep-dish, perfect for dips/hummus serving – $20.00