Thank you from Alina

“Alina is like most kids her age—she wants to learn, play and have fun. However, she has to do so while blind and while fighting the brain tumour that blinded her. Alina’s story has touched many because she is a stoic and joyful child and people admire her humility and perseverance while facing such unique challenges.”

These are the words of Alina’s father, Roberto. He and his wife, Maria, who is on the Blind Beginnings Board of Directors, are very dedicated volunteers and supporters of our programming. Along with Alina, they have chosen Blind Beginnings to be the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts in 2017. To date, through donations they have raised among their network of family, friends and colleagues, as well as funds raised at Alina’s Awesome Summer Lemonade Stands, and corporate donations from Taiga Building Products and Cadillac Fairview, to date they have raised over $18,000.

Roberto says that “even when her tumour stabilizes she will still be blind. Learning how to live life and to enjoy all of the great things the world has to offer is what these formative years are about and Alina is learning a great deal of it from Blind Beginnings. Alina is learning how to play adaptive sports, socialize with other blind youth and valuable braille skills all from Blind Beginnings and the programs it offers.”

Last weekend Alina participated in a specialized workshop on self-orientation using a sonar-based technique called ‘echolocation’. View a video of her learning this technique.

Blind Beginnings is very grateful to Alina, her family and all of you who are supporting them by offering financial support to our programs. Your generous contribution helps us support Alina and other children who are blind or partially sighted to reach their full potential.