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Clement Chou
Christina Duncan, Recreation Therapist, Sighted Guide Volunteer, Do The Grind Blind Challenge 2017

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Thank you for your interest in Blind Beginnings. Volunteers are essential for us to help BC’s children who are blind or partially sighted reach their full potential.


Two Steps to Volunteer

  1. All volunteers interested in working in any of the roles that involve interacting with our members must complete a criminal record check. Only communications, fundraising, and Board member volunteers do not require a criminal record check. Please download our Volunteer Criminal Record Letter to take to your local police station. Be sure to take photo ID with your form. If there is a cost for the criminal record check, save your receipt and Blind Beginnings will reimburse you.
  2. Complete our online Volunteer Application below, then click the Submit button.

Volunteer Application Form

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Are you blind or partially sighted?

We occasionally connect individuals with similar eye conditions. If you are comfortable sharing your diagnosis, please do so here:
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