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What is the Aviva Community Fund?

Blind Beginnings has applied to the Aviva Community Fund for a grant of $35,000 to launch a pilot program for Employment Readiness for our youth. The 15 ideas that receive the most votes will advance to the finals. If we don’t win for our category, we could be 1 of 14 organizations to receive $5,000. We need your votes to win!

Voting starts on Tuesday, October 10, 2017— Register Early!

How can you vote?

  • Register to become a voter at this link. You will need to enter your first and last name, date of birth, email address, and create a password.
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Our Project – The Employment Readiness Pilot for Blind Youth

The Employment Readiness Pilot for Blind Youth will be launched in 2018 as part of Blind Beginnings’ Youth Leadership & Pre-employment Program, which helps prepare blind and partially sighted youth for the transition to the workplace. With an unemployment rate of approximately 75% for blind Canadians, this program seeks to ensure all blind and partially sighted youth in BC are not only prepared to work, but are successfully employed throughout their working lives, thus ensuring their independence and eliminating the need to rely on social assistance.

In partnership with the CNIB, Blind Beginnings is embarking on a pilot project to offer these youth one-on-one vocational counselling and employment support to help them become ‘employment ready’. The pilot will  involve a full-time Employment Counsellor to be hired by Blind Beginnings, with support from the Employment Counsellor at the CNIB – BC/Yukon Division.

Throughout the 12-month pilot, the Employment Counsellor will meet with each youth, initially bi-weekly and later monthly, to develop an Employment Readiness Plan (ERP). In order to develop the ERP, the Employment Counsellor will:

  • Assist youth in identifying their career of choice and the education path necessary to reach their career goals
  • Work with youth to secure volunteer placements and make community presentations to continue to build their pre-employment and transferable skills
  • Ensure each youth is integrated into two or more Blind Beginnings youth-run committees, and/or, brainstorm new projects they could develop to gain desired skills.
  • Teach youth how to do information interviews and assist in arranging them.
  • Assist youth in writing a professional resume and cover letter specific to each position
  • Teach youth how to disclose their disability to potential employers

The ERP will provide each youth with the following at the end of the year-long pilot:

  • Possible career choices of interest after completing high school
  • Academic path necessary to pursue at least one career of interest
  • Knowledge of how to search for and obtain volunteer experience – a personalized, professional resume
  • Knowledge of how to tailor a cover letter to a specific job
  • Experience doing information interviews and to be successful in one
  • Understanding of how to disclose their disability to potential employers

We hope you’re on board, because we need all of your votes – and those of your friends and family too!


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