Why I Love Summer Camps

Throughout the year, I always look forward to the summer! The sunny weather, ice cream on a hot day – but the best time of all is the Blind Beginnings Summer Camps. I have attended several of the camps, and each one has been a blast, both as a camper and a volunteer. Camp has given me lots of opportunities that I would have never been able to experience if it wasn’t for the Summer Camps. I have made many great connections with the parents and youth during my time at the camps.

I have had the chance to help run and participate in activities like, rock climbing, kayaking and even driving a tractor at Camp Hornby. Many people with a visual impairment usually don’t get to experience these activities. We also get to have lots of fun at Blind Beginnings Family Camp, which gives campers the opportunity to learn life skills as well as outdoor skills. We get to all participate in cooking and preparing a meal for the whole camp to enjoy and also cleaning up after the meal is done. Kids even get to participate in a hands-on tent building activity at the start of camp every year. Every night of camp ends with an amazing sing-a-long and a bright and crackling campfire with lots of laughter and toasted marshmallows.

Summer camps are a great opportunity for the whole family to connect. Siblings and parents get to experience all the fun that summer camp has to offer along with their visually impaired family member. Parents have the opportunity to connect with other parents of children with visual impairments and make great and long lasting connections.

It’s because of the Summer Camps at Blind Beginnings that I get to make so many great memories along with friends that last a lifetime, as well as reconnecting with old friends. Camp has given me so many chances to try new things and given me more confidence and independence.

by Rose