Blind Beginnings

Shawn Marsolais
“When being blind doesn’t make you different, it stops being the thing people see first.”

Shawn Marsolais, Founder of Blind Beginnings

Blind Beginnings is a non-profit organization striving to guarantee quality of life for children and youth who are blind or partially sighted by promoting equal access to the world’s resources and opportunities. We seek to challenge the limits of what is deemed possible for blind and partially sighted children and to establish a strong foundation on which to build rich and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission is to inspire children and youth who are blind or partially sighted, and their families, providing diverse programs, experiences, counselling and peer support, and opportunities for them to create fulfilling lives.

We envision a world where seeing things differently inspires limitless possibilities.

Programs & Services
  • Junior Explorers Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Parent-to-Parent Support Program
  • Family Community Discovery Program
  • Workshops for the Community
  • Counseling & Consultation
Blind Beginnings is Unique
  • Our focus is on children and youth, and issues affecting them
  • We are family directed; A minimum of 60% of the Board must be blind or a family member of children who are blind or partially sighted
  • We share a “no-limits” philosophy that challenges any attempts to limit what blind or partially sighted children are capable of doing or achieving
  • We embrace and value blindness and visual impairment as an expression of the range of human diversity

2017 Gala Dinner & Auction

It’s 2017, and Blind Beginnings is excited to invite you to our 7th annual Gala Dinner & Auction!  Thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters, last year’s Gala raised approximately $35,000. We are hopeful that this year’s event will be our most successful Gala yet! As usual you can look forward to a… Read more 2017 Gala Dinner & Auction


Join the Junior Explorer’s for an early White Cane Week Celebration!

Junior Explorer’s are celebrating White Cane Week at our club meeting on January 28th!   Did you know that you could play games with, and sings songs about your white cane? Did you know that you can incorporate braille into food and crafts?  Join the Junior Explorer’s on Saturday January 28 for all of this… Read more Join the Junior Explorer’s for an early White Cane Week Celebration!