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Image of a Carved Pumpkin, lit from the inside with a candle, glowing in the darkness

Halloween Memories

Halloween is the time of year where everyone seems to get really excited to dress up in cool costumes, go trick or treating, and watch scary movies. However, for kids who are blind or partially sighted, it might look a little different. Growing up as a kid with low vision kid who was blind in… Read more Halloween Memories

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Baking With Jill

The best part of baking is of course getting to eat the delicious treat at the end, but there is so much more to it than that. Growing up, I remember never really caring much for baking and I probably just didn’t have enough patience for it at the time. So I would just let… Read more Baking With Jill

Image of a large collection of all manners of shoes piled chaotically at the doorway of a party

Navigating the Social Waters

Everybody knows that social gatherings can amount to some level of stress, but for those of us who are blind or partially sighted, it can be even trickier to navigate amongst the sea of humans. Therefore, we are here to share some of our struggles and tips when taking part in family or social gatherings.… Read more Navigating the Social Waters

Image of the rolling tip of a white cane

My Blindness Is A Gift

Throughout my childhood my family sat down to dinner together every night.  One particular dinner stands out in my memory as the day my life changed.  “You have an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa” my mom said.  “Bet you can’t say that three times fast” my Dad added trying to lighten the mood.  “Your vision… Read more My Blindness Is A Gift