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Image of a sharpened pencil against a stark white background, surrounded by pencil shavings.

Beyond the Pencil

I really enjoy getting lost in the messiness of characters and their worlds. As a child I carried books where I went. This love has transferred over to writing and now I create my own characters and storylines for others to enjoy. However, I have constantly been told English isn’t an interest which will further… Read more Beyond the Pencil

Image of a calendar page showing the month of January with the 1st circled with red pen and the word START above it

Keeping Up With New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! Celebrating the New Year, reflecting on the year that has just passed, and that all too familiar annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there before, setting a number of goals for ourselves that we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Yet, more often than… Read more Keeping Up With New Year’s Resolutions

Image of a set of blocks that have 2020 on their face that are slowly revolving to change to 2021

Reflections on 2020

As I reflect on 2020, I’m reminded of how optimistic I felt approaching the start of this year.  I was excited at the prospect of playing on the whole “20/20 vision” theme, and 2020 is a number that seemed so full of hope.  At Blind Beginnings we were in the final stages of a big… Read more Reflections on 2020

Image of a boy using a quill to write on a piece of parchment paper.

A Collection of Holiday Poems

In celebration of the Holiday season, we held a Holiday Poem Contest where we asked our members and families to submit original poems for the season. We have chosen 5 submissions and published them below.  We want to thank everyone who submitted a poem,  and to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and Happy New… Read more A Collection of Holiday Poems

Image of a blind swimmer nearing the end of the pool and a tapper reaching out with a pole that has a soft end to alert him

Discovering Paralympic Swimming

Paralympic swimming has been an integral part of the Paralympic summer program since 1960. There are 14 different classification categories. S1 through S10 are physical disabilities, S11 through S13 includes visual impairments, and S14 equals cognitive impairments. Jill is an S11, which is the totally blind category. Nika is part of the S12 category which… Read more Discovering Paralympic Swimming

Image of sheet music underneath the green decorated branches of a Christmas Tree

Music of Christmas Past

A joyous collection of Christmas songs by various blind and partially sighted singers! Featuring piano, guitar, flute, and violin playing with the added blend of beautiful voices harmonizing.  All this was released just seven years ago after an idea was put forth to create a CD of Holiday songs as a fundraiser for the Youth… Read more Music of Christmas Past

Image of the Vancouver city skyline from the air, overlooking the Downtown core.

My Big City Adventure

Moving out on your own is one of those things you always dream about. You often think about how cool it would be to have your own place, to be able to have friends over whenever you want, and buy all the snacks you can eat. This dream became my reality about four years ago.… Read more My Big City Adventure

A group of colored crayons, each color spelling out the acronym of the colors of the rainbow, which is R.O.Y.G.B.I.V

Beyond Roy G. Biv

It’s something that is most often done when we are children. We use our paint covered fingers and draw absentmindedly, make messy pictures for our parents, or take to the sidewalk with chalk. As we get older, art begins to rise in complexity. Colour blended seamlessly, intricate detail crafted with great care, impeccable creations that… Read more Beyond Roy G. Biv

Image of the Welcome to Aldergrove sign, placed on a green patch of grass and flanked by an open Highway.

Aldergrove Roads Take me Home

There are the typical generalizations about both rural and urban areas such as cities always being a home to most amenities, whereas towns tend to be thought about as dirt roads and farmland. Let’s start with determining what qualifies as a small town, and what falls under the umbrella of a city. According to our… Read more Aldergrove Roads Take me Home

Image of a Goalball player wearing a blindfold and blocking a shot by the opposing team

The Forgotten Sport

Many people may not be familiar with the Paralympic sport of Goalball, one of the only sports that was created specifically for the blind and partially sighted. In a way, it is an unsung sport that truly does not get enough exposure and, to many players and fans around the world, feels like it’s a… Read more The Forgotten Sport