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Episode 24 – Audio Description and “Make a Difference”

This week Shawn flies solo and welcomes Ryan Fleury, Rob Mineault, and Sarah Mennell to discuss Ryan’s audio-described music video, “Make a Difference”. Ryan wrote and performed the song, Rob produced and edited the video, and Sarah wrote the audio description track, all combining into something unique and special. Shawn discusses the song’s origins with them, how it came to be an audio described music video, the challenges faced, and the growing popularity and importance of audio description.

Make A Difference Audio Described Video

White Cane Records

Descriptive Video Works

Episode 23 – Let’s Meet Priscilla and Ali

This week Shawn and co-host Randi welcome Paralympic judoka Priscilla Gangé and her training partner Ali Briggs. We discuss topics such as how Paralympic Judo is adapted from its Olympic counterpart, what the training regiment is like preparing for competitive sport, and what it was like for the pair going to the Rio Paralympics in 2016.

Episode 22 – Let’s Talk About Braille – Part 1

We are so excited this week to welcome Adam Wilton from the Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired to talk all things Braille with Shawn and this week’s co-host, Jinnie! They discuss everything from what Braille is and where people tend to find it in public spaces to how it’s being taught in schools and why Braille literacy is so vitally important. 

Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired

Hadley Online Braille Courses

Episode 21 – Let’s Talk About Guide Dogs

After 20 episodes, we thought it was about time the show went to the dogs — Guide dogs, that is. Jill and Nika, who are both considering getting their first Guide dog, join Shawn and co-host Kolby this week to ask a wide variety of questions about what the training process and day to day life is like with a Guide dog. Some of the topics and questions might surprise you, so don’t miss this one!

Episode 20 – Let’s Meet Tyler Merren

With so many people stuck at home these days, maintaining physical health and developing a workout from home is more important than ever. That’s why we’re so excited this week to meet Tyler Merren, a blind Personal Trainer, Paralympic athlete, and motivational speaker who is working on developing a new app and website that provides fitness instruction in an accessible audio format. 

Tyler’s ReVision Training Facebook Group

ReVision Fitness App

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