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Episode 44 – Let’s Talk About Orientation and Mobility

This week on the Limitless Podcast, we’re navigating the very complex topic of Orientation and Mobility. Anyone who has ever had to go through this type of training knows that Orientation, or being able to conceptualize the space around you without being able to see it, is key. Yet for some people, it is much more challenging than for others. Shawn and co-host Jinnie welcome Patricia, who struggles with orientation, and Kim, who is a Orientation and Mobility Specialist to explore and discuss why this is. From mental mapping and spatial awareness to Orientation concepts and how they develop, this episode is a fascinating look into how different people are able to process and navigate information in very different ways.

Episode 43 – Let’s Talk About Drumming

This week on the podcast we’ve snared some great guests and there may be repercussions! If you guessed that our topic is drumming based on those incredibly bad puns, you’d be absolutely correct! This week Shawn and co-host Seerat are joined by Gary and Alethea, both experienced drummers who are blind or partially sighted and they discuss what made them pick up drumsticks in the first place, some of the challenges they face, and what they love about being percussionists. Take it from us, you just can’t beat this episode!

Episode 42 – Let’s Talk About Dance

This week Shawn is joined by co-host Nika, who has had a passion for dance since an early age, and she shares her journey of trying to find a Dance Studio that was right for her. The two are joined by Sue, Nika’s ballet instructor, and Haley, a fellow dance student who acted as a sighted volunteer to talk about their respective experiences, how lessons were able to be adapted, and the powerful impact it had in all their lives. 

Episode 41 – Let’s Talk About Accessibility In University

Making the transition into University can be challenging in a multitude of ways for any student, but students who are blind or partially sighted can face a specific set of obstacles that can impact their studies. This week Shawn is joined by Jill and Ishita, both of whom are also students at Simon Fraser University, and their Accessibility Aid, Megan. They discuss some of the adaptations and services provided by SFU’s Centre for Accessible Learning and how Megan has helped both adapt materials in order to make them more accessible.

Episode 40 – Let’s Meet Mac

The show is going downhill fast this week – but in a good way! Shawn and her co-host Dani welcome Canadian Paralympic Alpine skier Mac Marcoux to the show. With Dani also being a skier, she and Mac share their experiences in skiing and training with visual impairments and some of the adaptations they use and challenges they face.

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