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Episode 67 – Let’s Talk About Attraction

The concept of beauty and what attracts people to others is highly subjective, and the same is true for those who are blind or partially sighted. This week Shawn is joined by co-hosts John, Nika, and Kolby to have a round table discussion about how they each view beauty and attraction, talking about everything from self-image and fashion to what they each find attractive in other people. If you ever wanted to know what “the elbow test” is, then this open and honest conversation is for you!

Episode 66 – Let’s Talk About Voting

With a federal election coming on September 20th, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk about what it’s like to cast your vote when you are blind or partially sighted! Shawn and co-hosts Nika and Kolby welcome back Betty Nobel to the podcast where she talks about the work she does producing braille for Elections Canada, and what adaptations are in place for voters who are blind or partially sighted. For those who have never voted before and don’t know what to expect, this is the episode for you — and just in time for you to get out there and make your voice heard on September 20th!

Episode 65 – Let’s Talk About Going Back to School (Again)

It’s the first full week of September and time to dust off those backpacks and head back to the classroom! The start of the school year means big adjustments for everyone, from children going to classes for the very first time all the way to parents who have to adjust their schedules accordingly as well. This week Shawn welcomes Keisha, Randi, and Ella, all of whom are headed back to school this week, to discuss what it’s like to be headed to in-person classes again. They talk about everything from Guide Dog etiquette and the challenges of navigating COVID-19 measures as a student who is blind or partially sighted to the adjustments of schedules and pressures of a new year of post-secondary education after years of being out of school. It’s a full course load of subjects in this episode that you won’t want to skip!

Episode 64 – Let’s Talk About BC Blind Sports

With the Paralympics still in full swing, we wanted to keep talking about sports, so this week Shawn and co-host Jinnie welcome Brian Cowie, the President of BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association to the show. They discuss all the different sports the BC Blind Sports offers, the importance of adapted sports, and even Brian’s own athletic career. 

BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association

Episode 63 – Let’s Talk About Paralympic Tandem Cycling

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics start August 24, so this week we are talking with two Paralympians who just happen to be our own Shawn Marsolais and her tandem cycling pilot, Lisa. Join Nika as she takes over hosting duties to interview Shawn and Lisa and find out about their experiences at the 2004 Athens Paralympics as competitors in Tandem Cycling. They discuss everything from the relationship and bond that forms between pilot and athlete as well as what their training regiment was like, what it was like competing at an elite level and even what the Canadian Paralympic Team swag was like!

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