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Episode 135 – Talk Description To Me

It’s a very special episode this week as Shawn welcomes JJ Hunt and Christine Malec, creators of the innovative and fascinating podcast, Talk Description to Me which discusses current events, and topical issues through the lens of audio description. They discuss the show’s origins and its unique premise as well as the importance of applying the idea of audio description to more than just shows and movies. It’s a fascinating discussion, and if you have ever wondered how lightning might be described to someone who has never seen it, you definitely won’t want to miss this episode! 

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Episode 134 – Ask A.B.B.Y. Volume 5

White Cane Week begins on the first full week of February, and in honor of this we have once again gathered together a group of Blind Beginnings youth to answer your questions in our ever-popular “Ask A Blind Beginnings Youth” series! Shawn is joined by co-hosts Nina, Alethea, Nolan to answer a series of listener questions. If you’ve ever wondered how hard it is to learn braille or how blind people can identify different types of money, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Episode 133 – Let’s Talk About Going to the Gym

It’s the first month of a new year and for many people who have fitness related goals as part of their new year’s resolutions, that means starting to attend a new gym. This week Shawn is joined by co-hosts Nolan and Aly and special guest Gail to talk about their experiences attending new gyms as blind or partially sighted patrons. They discuss some of the ways in which gyms can be welcoming as well as some of the barriers they can sometimes experience and the way they overcome them.

Episode 132 – Let’s Talk About Embarrassing Moments

This week Shawn is joined by co-hosts Ishita, Nolan, and Ali as they share a series of hilarious vision-related embarrassing moments they have all experienced in their past (and for some, not too distant past). It’s an episode full of laughter and fun and a reminder that these types of moments can happen to us all!

Episode 131 – Let’s Talk About Presentations

This week Shawn is joined by co-hosts Jinnie and Ishita to discuss their experiences with giving presentations to schools. From what it was like explaining their vision conditions to their peers and the impact it had on them socially to the importance of education and awareness, they discuss both the pros and cons of a variety of different presentation methods when it comes to changing the general public’s awareness of blindness.

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