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Episode 147 – Let’s Talk About Image and Self Descriptions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words are worth making a concise and impactful description for those who can’t see it? This week Shawn is joined by Jill, Clement, and Nika to talk about their experiences and preferences when it comes to image description online, from social media and websites to messaging apps. They discuss what exactly “alt-text” is, how it works, and tips on how to craft effective image descriptions that are full of context and meaning before also discussing their feelings on the new trend of meeting participants describing their appearance for other attendees who may be blind or partially sighted. It’s an informative and fascinating insight into what descriptions can mean for the community that you won’t want to miss!

Episode 146 – Let’s Meet Anthony Ferraro

It’s an exciting episode this week as Shawn and co-host Keisha sit down with Anthony Ferraro, skateboarder, musician, aspiring Paralympian, social media influencer, and advocate, to talk about his story and his efforts to motivate and inspire people to push through the obstacles in life. 

Anthony’s Website

Episode 145 -Let’s Talk About Youth Leadership Weekend 2023

The Blind Beginnings Youth Leadership Weekend is an annual program that is the culmination of a series of virtual programs that brings youth ages 13 – 19 from all over the Province to Vancouver for the weekend to connect, learn, and grow through a series of activities and field trips around the city. In this special episode of the podcast, Shawn sits down with Blind Beginnings Programs Coordinator Keisha Anderson to discuss the Youth Leadership Weekend, its mandate and impact among the youth as they share  some audio clips of the weekend in action.

Episode 144 – Let’s Talk About Beauty Standards

What do beauty standards mean to people in the blind or partially sighted community? How do you develop your own sense of fashion, style, and beauty when you are blind or partially sighted? This week Shawn and co-hosts Ishita and Nika explore these ideas and share their own personal experiences exploring fashion and beauty standards as women who are blind. It’s an open and honest conversation that you won’t want to miss!

Episode 143 – Let’s Talk About Setting Up Your Home When You’re Blind

Shawn welcomes Jill and Keisha back to the podcast to dive into a fascinating discussion about decorating and setting up your home when you are blind or partially sighted. From favoured gadgets to dealing with roommates to developing your own decorating style, the trio discuss their own experiences and stories as well as offering up domestic decorating tips to veterans and novices alike.

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