At Blind Beginnings, our motto has always been, “The only thing we see is limitless potential”.

To us, the word “limitless” represents the philosophy that we try to instill in the children and youth that participate in our programs. It represents the fact that anything can be attained. The only limits that children or youth that are blind or partially sighted have on them are the ones the rest of society places on them.

When we first started to plan for the development of a Podcast and a Blog, we knew the name needed to reflect who we are as an organization as well as the general philosophy behind it. It didn’t take long for consensus to land on the name “Limitless”. It represents both our philosophy as well as the number of topics that we feel we have to discuss that are relevant to our community and networks of families that we serve.

Limitless Podcast

Image of a podcast microphone sitting on a desk and the words Limitless Podcast floating over the image.The Limitless Podcast had been something under development for quite awhile. We know we wanted to do one, and we knew we had youth that were interested in being involved, but the time and resources just weren’t quite in place to make it a reality. Then COVID-19 hit and suddenly we found ourselves with enough time and resources to drive the project forward.

And the rest was history.

You can find recent episodes of the podcast at or just search Spotify or your favorite podcast app for “Blind Beginnings Limitless”.

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Limitless Blog

Image of a laptop computer and hands on the keyboard, entering in a blog article onto a website with the words Limitless Blog floating over.The Limitless Blog was created not long after the podcast as a companion to the podcast. We wanted to give our youth and program participants a chance to provide content and to give voice to the things that they see as important and relevant to being someone who is blind or partially sighted.

The Limitless Blog can be found at